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In the past, bad technology usability was considered normal; today, this will spell the death of internal IT.
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Jeannot Muller

"The future is now! The cost of being wrong about IT is greater than it has ever been... you really need to get it right the first time these days!" I worked in different executive management positions with Deutsche Post DHL. Before my engagement with DPDHL I was employed by CIBER, where I was part of the management team and responsible for project and development management in various IT projects for large to very large international customers. Before CIBER I ran my own publishing company in the health sector.

Daniel Angelucci

Daniel Angelucci is an experienced enterprise architect with an extensive background in solution strategy, solution design and business case presentation. He has been a key influencer in many global organizations in many different verticals including financial services, telecoms and logistics. He has developed strategies for deploying cloud services, automation solutions, and DevOps organizational re-alignment among many others. He has demonstrated an understanding of the financial drivers that constrain the business as well as IT.

Dagmar Muller

I'm supporting behind the scene. My first name is the eponym for, as 'ramgad' is my first name written from right to left.
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After yesterday’s keynote from Apple, you might be asking yourself if you will need an Apple Watch or not. What are possible use cases? Is it a gadget only, or can it add value to some of your workflows? I don’t want to discuss if that device is too expensive or not, if the battery…

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A lot of people think that I hate Microsoft and often those people are trying to convince me how great, and excellent Microsoft is. There is no need to convince me. Microsoft is still building fantastic products. Until today neither Google Docs nor open source products, can compete with the Office Suite, for instance. As…

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Tomorrow Facebook will change its privacy policy and at least in Germany you can read today tremendously ridiculous articles in newspapers. You can read the details here. Most articles are not explaining what will happen, but are only stating that people should either leave Facebook instantly or to solely use Facebook in a dedicated browser to…

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Heute ist so ein Tag, an dem ich am Sachverstand von vielen Mitbürgern extrem zweifele und das inkludiert – ganz bewusst – unsere Regierenden die eine Neuland-Firma wie Facebook “vorladen” um sich zu erklären. Ebenso die ganze Journaille, die zwar ganz wunderbar von Facebook und Ihrer Werbung lebt, aber Facebook reduziert auf Klatsch und Tratsch…

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Michael Alf  – Your Firm Everywhere Now The book “Your Firm Everywhere Now“, available in paper format and in a Kindle version, is a crisp but entertaining reading about the do’s and don’ts of self-marketing and self-branding. Like Michael, I have a consultancy background, studied something completely different and I quit my job with a…

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As cloud implementations mature, I see more and more companies considering the question of whether the private cloud truly adds the kind of value required to “move the needle.”  While private cloud certainly has many advantages over traditional infrastructure delivery methods, to me it is becoming increasing clear that the public cloud is where the true…

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Back in the early days of the cloud computing revolution, I found myself often relying upon use cases for “cloud bursting” in order to bolster my arguments for extensive cloud adoption.  Bursting, the ability to shift workloads to the cloud when resources are no longer available for those workloads in a traditional datacenter, seemed like it…

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I have been working with cloud architectures and business cases for some years now, and I find it hard to believe that more organizations have not fully embraced the advantages cloud offers.  I think just about everyone knows the basic value proposition for cloud services, things like provisioning on demand, decreased time to market, flex-up/flex-down pricing,…

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I remember when I started my career in IT, no one talked about functions and processes much.  I started my career in the United States, where ITIL was not widely adopted until relatively late.  Those times seem innocent and chaotic compared to the more rigorous process orientation most large companies have implemented in the last ten years.  That…

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Apple yesterday announced Swift as a new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. This video tutorial is showing you how easy string and Graphical User Interface implementation works under the newest Xcode 6 (beta) version. Apple really achieved to get rid of much overhead from Objective C. The following youtube video is showing you…

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For those of you interested in DevOps and Agile development in general, I suggest taking a look at Rally Software’s blogs.  There are some excellent posts regarding how to implement Agile processes which apply very well to the DevOps world.  Rally is presenting a series of posts on Capacity Planning, parts one and two can be found here and here.Those of…

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Once again, my favorite industry website, Information Week, has an interesting article that I feel deserves a response.  The article is called “The Sorry State of IT Education.” The author has three recommendations for improving the education of our next generation of IT professionals.  First, ensure that all IT professionals know the basics about how a network or a computer…

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